This project is a casual one; a brain game in no way based on method. It has no original plan or idea, rather the contrary was the case. It has evolved while reflecting over several years on constant changes. First, I took photographs, and then I created the concept that finally shaped Waiting for Lunch.

Waiting for Lunch is a metaphor that alludes to the waiting for occurrences in our lives. While we wait, our lives go by. The images depict metaphorical waiting in numerous human situations. The scenes take place in cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, Los Angeles, or countries such as Haiti.

The word waiting suggests the waiting in each one of our lives: the virtual space where different behaviors and attitudes express our hopes, happiness, solitude, resignation, sadness, and many other feelings. Lunch, on the contrary, refers to life, future, and friendship, and in the end to the unavoidable destiny: death.

Waiting for Lunch tries to transmit the antagonistic idea of diversity within the globalized world; when I photograph different situations involving disparate individuals in remote cultures, I manage to un-globalize - but at the same time, when reflecting their same waiting, I am globalizing, even while relating oppositional attitudes.

It is at that point that the concept of Waiting for Lunch originates. These opposed poles work with, interact with, and complement one another, creating a link between images, humans, fiction, and reality.

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